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Why Prestigeous Organizations Choose ATLAN Space

Drone pilots, operators, service providers, governments and institutions are choosing ATLAN Space to get the best technogly for autonomous drone flight.


Protecting Future Generations

After the 2015 Paris Accords, Moroccans Badr Idrissi and Younes Moumen vowed to make a mark on environmental preservation.

In Morocco, the ocean plays a large cultural and economic part in daily life. It was shocking to find that 20% of the world’s fishing is illegal; simultaneously destroying biodiversity, threatening species extinction, and severely stunting third-world economies.

Why Drones?

Drones are an excellent solution if you need to cover vast or remote areas. However, two limitations hinder their implementation by countries and businesses.

Expensive transmission equipment limited to every 100 km

Finding trained human operators to quickly scale projects

An AI Pilot That Makes Drones Autonomous

What if you had an onboard AI pilot? One that could fly offline and understand its surroundings enough to make in-flight navigational adjustments without intervention.

This revolutionary idea resulted in years of AI development and mission testing. The result is a framework that can be applied to any mission that requires flight beyond the visual line of sight.

With a safe onboard pilot that can fly offline, the need to use transmission equipment is drastically reduced. Operators can now fly many drones at a time depending on the conditions.

Not just for enterprise operations, ATLAN Space provides technology that improves the efficiency of pilots, operators, project managers, engineers, and more.

Solutions to support every level of
the drone industry

ATLAN Standard

Designed for drone pilot contractors to fly BVLoS missions with confidence.

ATLAN Professional

Aimed at supporting drone service providers reduce costs of BVLoS day-to-day operations..

ATLAN Insight

A turnkey solution built for institutions to collect actionable data and insights about large areas.

Africa Faces Many Challenges, Which Means It's Full of Potential

African businesses and governments can’t use conventional solutions, that’s what made the continent one of the most advanced when it comes to the use of drone technology. Drones give Africa the opportunity to leapfrog operations and catch up to developed countries.

ATLAN Space builds cutting-edge autonomous drone technology that greatly improves the quality, accuracy & efficiency of drone flight



ATLAN Space is built by a team of people with diverse backgrounds united by a passion for data, A1, and the environment. Help us transform drone operations worldwide and build a better, cleaner future.

Badr idrissi

CEO, Co-founder​

Badr idrissi

CEO, Co-founder​

Badr idrissi

CEO, Co-founder​

Badr idrissi

CEO, Co-founder​

Badr idrissi

CEO, Co-founder​

Badr idrissi

CEO, Co-founder​



We offer a wide range of solutions to make your drone autonomous and make it work for you. 

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