ATLAN Professional



Reach a Whole New Level of Mission Efficiency

The AI pilot uses parametric tasks & deep learning technology to prioritize mission objectives, no matter what the environment throws at you.

Pre-Built Mission Programs

Optimized programs for specific use cases. Prioritize the task, not the flight path.

Automated Fleet Management

Manage the entire fleet without sinking hundreds of hours into labor and maintenance.

Drone Agnostic Software

Quick integration with onboard companion computers and autopilots.

ATLAN Space’s AI pilot understands the mission’s goal

and constantly calculates parameters and adjusts to achieve it. It’s not just

exponentially more efficient; it’s a whole new way of flying.


Scale BVLoS Projects Quickly

Robust technology that can transcend an operator’s efficiency. Reliably adapts and reacts to surroundings mid-flight.

  • Recognize, detect & identify objects
  • Data pre-processing & analysis
  • Dynamic route adjustments


Reduce Operational Costs

Automate your maintenance schedule. Analyze logs instantly so operators can react safely instead of performing expensive post-crash repairs and analyses.

  • Vibrational fault detection
  • Fleet management
  • Post-flight reporting

More data in
fewer deployments

Optimal route planning

Smart energy managment

Real-time instrument checks

Mission-driven programming

In-flight data analysis & QA

Automated pre-flight checks

Automated post-flight reporting

Predictive maintenance reports

Mission-based Al software
for daily use

Designed by our experts to train the Al in advanced actions.

Cargo Delivery
Land Mapping
Fisheries Monitoring
Distressed Populations
Ocean SAR

Coming soon

Open Sky Mining | Precision Farming | Forest Management |Ocean Infrastructure Assessment | Forest Fire | Land Infrastructure Inspection | Disaster Management | Illegal Mining | Oil Spills | IMO 2020 1 Sulphur Emission 1 0cean Biodiversity | Disaster SAR


"Big project completed
NVIDEA Fisheries used ATLAN Space
to launch their autonomous missions.



See how the Al handles a
real mission situation

Input task parameters to start the free online mission simulator

Training & documentations

Access extensive video training, whitepapers, documentation, and case studies.

Join the cutting-edge of drones and robotics

Professional Plan

ALTAN Space Professional provides BVL0S flight to fleets up to 50+ drones.

Advanced Mission Management

Smooth execution of missions, regulation compliance, and post- flight reports.

Flight planning

Pre-plans your flight for the most efficient mission path

Automated pre-flight checks & post-flight reports

Comply with local regulations

Predictive maintenance

Navigates the terrain to your pre-programmed instructions

Mission Quality Assurance

Understands the environment & mission goal for maximumn efficiency.

Smart energy management

Constantly calculates the best path to complete the mission

Real-time instrument checks

Understands & reacts to environmental changes mid-flight

Al confirmation of flight parameters

Al assesses flight parameters and confirms the mission

Mission Data Analysis

Monitor and react to captured & generated data.

Automated data analysis

Analyzes captured data for quality during flight

Automated data enhancement

Adapts flight path to maximize data quality

Pre-built mission programs

Prioritize mission objectives based on your use case

Autonomous BVLoS flight
Works on any drone
Free training provided
Instant download


Significantly improve the capability & quality of your drone operations

AI pilot for safe BVLoS flight
Mission-driven navigation
in-flight data analysis
Predictive maintenance