ATLAN Insight

ATLAN Insight estimates the required energy for the drone to get the job done using the calibration procedure at the start of every mission. Moreover, it keeps tabs on energy requirements in real-time during the flight to adapt to changes in current power use, flight route, battery power loss, weather, etc.

Le drone ATLAN Geo

ATLAN Geo est un drone VTOL à voilure fixe muni d’Intelligence Artificielle qui simplifie et accélère l’exécution des missions de levés topographiques, capture et classifie efficacement les données géoréférencées et reconstruit en toute sécurité des cartes de haute qualité

Multi-base RTK+PPK

ATLAN GEO features 2 multi-band GPS receivers with different antennas for real time accuracy in most use cases. It can be combined with static GPS data for increased centimeter level accuracy. You can make the most of both real-time awareness..

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