Make your drones autonomous

“Using a drone doesn't have to be the major concern when it comes to getting exploitable data. Thanks to ATLAN Space’s AI that automates and facilitates flights, we are shifting our attention and effort towards data quality and decision-making"

Younes Moumen, CTO of ATLAN Space

Secure & accessible ecosystem

Drone Agnostic Software

Cloud Connection

Deep neuro-evolutions

Predictive Maintenance

In-flight data analysis & QA

Scale-up the manufacturing process: Power your drones with Artificial Intelligence

Target Detection

Customize your detection models

ATLAN Core processes multiple sensors’ data on board in real-time without the need to send it to the control station or a remote server. You can adapt it to your needs so it would detect, identify and classify new targets or different classes of the same target.

Path planning

Overcome the limitations of predetermined flight planning

Define the set of areas to be monitored and the ones to be avoided. ATLAN Core automatically plans the optimal flight path taking into consideration slopes feasibility in the air medium between waypoints, the remaining energy capacity, terrain elevation data, distance to targeted area, size of area, weather conditions, altitude restrictions...

Flight monitoring

Increase safety in both VLOS and BVLOS flights

ATLAN Core uses the embedded camera to check the flight controller sensors' sanity, detects reports, and acts on changes in batteries’ state of charge, and thanks to its sense & avoid capabilities, it senses fog and clouds and changes path to avoid them if feasible.

Swarm mode

Manage the entire fleet automatically

ATLAN Core enables you to plan and execute multiple UAV flights simultaneously in a way that optimizes coverage. A single human operator can control several drones at once, reducing in return the limitations of driver-to-driver dynamics.

ATLAN Core enables your drone to at least use the following:

Manual encrypted remote control near the takeoff and landing base

Mobile broadband connection for mission control and target data acquisition

Peer to Peer encrypted radio telemetry

Satellite connection for mission control and target data acquisition

Atlan core integration

ATLAN Core can be integrated into most UAVs. It can be embedded either as an on-board computer that can control the aircraft or as a self-contained, sensing-oriented payload without altering the aircraft avionics.

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