Atlan Geo

ATLAN GEO are high-endurance autonomous drones, capable of flying beyond the horizon to deliver perfectly exploitable results in a fraction of the time at a lower cost.

Use Atlan GEO for

Land-surveying & GIS

  • Simplify and speed up perimeter Mapping
  • Insure both cost-efficiency and safety
  • Visualize landscapes for urban planning
  • Manage and measure stockpiles’ volumes
  • Optimize project planning, design and development
  • Ensure asset management and site inspections

Mining & Exploration

  • Explore potential mining sites
  • Automate inventory management
  • Manage and measure stockpiles’ volumes
  • Monitor drills, blasts and water flow
  • Enhance security and situational awareness
  • Plan and execute mine reclamation

Construction & Infrastructure

  • Produce accurate pre-construction surveys
  • Support marketing with aerial shots and 3D models
  • Monitor construction progress, quality and accuracy
  • Get accurate volumetric calculation of stockpiles
  • Avoid accumulating errors and optimize inventory reports
  • Insure infrastructure and compliance inspection


  • Automate plant count for precision farming
  • Estimate biomass changes and yield rates
  • Assess and diagnose crops’ health and growth
  • Monitor Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Detect infected and damaged crop areas
  • Verify claims in agricultural insurance surveys

Get to Know ATLAN GEO

Whether it is basic mapping of a region or surveys of hard-to-reach places,you can now undertake large projects that were previously difficult to achieve safely using ATLAN GEO.

Automatic Sense and Avoid for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

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